Here at InitialVIP we are always looking for ways to help our customers reward their VIPs however, we also know that building packages can be difficult when the VIP has not yet been chosen or when your customers are worried about committing to bookings or are unable to attend a concert or sporting event? With this in mind, we can offer the InitialVIP e-voucher which is the perfect solution to this dilemma. The InitialVIP e-voucher allows the recipient to redeem the voucher for anything they like, an example of just a few of the brands available to use with the voucher can be found below.

Your voucher will be designed according to your brand/promotion, and you can run as many promotions / voucher options as you like. The voucher will be emailed to your VIP. Your VIPs can then contact us to redeem. We will help them to purchase whatever they desire, from a  holiday, train ticket, to a hotel booking or designer bag, or maybe a new phone, a new watch or even a new kitchen.

Our team of travel and product experts are on hand to provide your VIP with a seamless experience, so if you don’t see a brand that you like below, please get in touch.